Steve-O Suggests Prince Was a ‘Condescending D—‘ When They Satisfied


Steve-O, the comic and stuntman best recognized for his antics on Jackass, has unveiled that Prince was “a jerk” when the two guys satisfied.

The exact day of the come upon was not exposed, nevertheless Steve-O seemed to suggest it took area in the early 2000s. The Jackass star experienced a go-to social gathering trick that he frequently pulled out at celebrity activities: He’d stability a cup on his head, then continue to consume the liquid within with out making use of his palms. At times, witnesses would be impressed. Prince was not.

“Prince was super a jerk to me. I keep in mind I was like, ‘Prince! Prince! Dude, let me exhibit you a trick,” Steve-O recalled on his Wild Experience! podcast. “So I’m doing my trick. And I had this design girlfriend. And he turns to my product girlfriend and he’s like, ‘Does this impress you?’ Like he mentioned it in a serious condescending dick way. … And my product girlfriend reported, ‘Yeah, it can be in fact really spectacular, you really should look at it out.'”

Prince was not the only rocker uninterested in Steve-O’s antics. The comedian recalled Perry Farrell of Jane’s Dependancy “hated” the exact trick when Steve-O experimented with to execute it for him in a crowded nightclub. Things went even even worse when Steve-O attempted to pull off the very same trick for Kid Rock. “He just straight kicked me,” Steve-O recalled, “knocked the cup off my head and ruined my trick.”

However his interactions with Prince and the other aforementioned rockers did not go efficiently, Steve-O does not appear to be to keep a grudge in excess of the incident. Laughing about it now, the Jackass alum admitted: “I absolutely motivated a ton of men and women to be jerks to me.”

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