Who Is Officer Brooks Of Atlanta PD? Actress Angel Guice Assaulted And Arrested With Abnormal Force


Angel Guice is a properly-recognised actress and director in the Atlanta spot. She was managed rudely by a legislation enforcement formal in the city of Atlanta.

On the other hand, Angel Guice is justified in sensation aggrieved about what transpired final night time as a result of the situations that took location. A dispute with a single of Atlanta’s police officers escalated into a bodily confrontation.

Who Is Officer Brooks Of Atlanta PD From The Angel Guice Arrest Online video?

Angel Guice, an actress residing in California, was taken into custody in a brutal way by a masked legislation enforcement officer who only introduced himself as Brooks.

In a video clip posted on Instagram, the actress’s sister, who goes by the Instagram handle foxii roxcii, helps make the declare that the actress was arrested by a area police officer for resisting arrest and refusing to indicator a quotation.

The Atlanta Police Section has not delivered a statement about the current situations. The detect of the officer has not been disclosed to the general public by the law enforcement division as of but.

Angel, the person who was victimized, is also existing on social media underneath the deal with @angelguice, in which she has roughly 18.3 thousand followers.

Following getting his diploma from Booker T. Washington Large University, Guice enrolled in Talladega Higher education in buy to pursue a diploma in enterprise management.

Why Was Angel Guice Having Arrested? Claims Of Officer Abusing The Authority

When every little thing started to go wrong, Angel Guice was in a park in Atlanta. Angel and her companion were being totally unaware that the park did not allow site visitors to remain right away.

Guice and her buddy were chatting it up in the park when they were being approached by Officer Brooks of the Atlanta Police Division. Guice and her buddy ended up both equally given tickets by the officer, and the officer requested that they indication them.

For the duration of the time that she was signing her citation, the actress enquired of Officer Brooks about his badge amount. The concern brought on the officer to become irate, and he then commenced using too much power on the lady, although also declaring on the movie that he was arresting her.

As a direct consequence of this, the police officer engaged Angel Guice in bodily get in touch with, wrestling her to the floor ahead of placing her under arrest and threatening to tase her.

Angel lets out a string of screams and sobs as she assures the officer that she will comply with his request and signal the ticket. Officer Brooks tells her that it is “too late” to do something now.

Actress Angel Guice Aka Agape’s Spouse and children Demands Atlanta PD For Clarification

A video clip that has long gone viral on social media reveals a woman pleading with a male police officer to describe why he is arresting her even though she is being taken into custody.

A person on social media who goes by the tackle Foxii Roxcii was the just one who at first shared the video clip that went viral.

Angel Guice and her family members are demanding to know what led up to the celebration that took area in a park in Atlanta Friday night.

“Are we not permitted to problem our legal rights with no enabling our egos to just take manage?” Why was a taser drawn on the subject?

Why was a male officer the a single who questioned her? Don’t people want guarding and acquiring their desires satisfied by the law enforcement? In what feeling is this a directive remaining given? These abrasive cops just have to be allowed to go on! Foxii penned.

In accordance to Foxii, the law enforcement formal is utilized by the Atlanta Police Section. There has not been a general public assertion issued by the Atlanta Law enforcement Section as of however.

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