Martell Holt, Sheree Whitfield’s new boyfriend on RHOA, is incredibly wealthy with a net worth of $20 million.


Entrepreneur Martell Holt has a sizable net worth as a result of his work.

Holt is an American reality television celebrity, businessman, author, and television host. He became well-known as a result of the author’s participation in the reality series Love & Marriage: Huntsville. In Huntsville, Alabama, the show also followed a real estate agent.

Holt is also the CEO of the Holt Brand as well as a real estate agent. In 2008, he earned his science degree from Alabama A&M University. The author began working as a teacher at Sparkman Middle School after finishing his education. He resigned the job later in December 2010 to concentrate on his entrepreneurial career.

In 2009, Holt joined Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. while assisting Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship LCC.

Martell Holt

Several brief facts

Age 40
Born January 4, 1982.
Ex-wife Melody Shari
Children Maliah Selene, Mariah, Martell, and Malani
Education Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University
Girlfriend Sheree Whitfield
Occupation Entrepreneur/ Home Builder/ Author/ TV Personality

Martell Holt Has An Amazing $20 Million In Net Worth

The estimated net worth of Martell Holt is $20 million. The television personality’s $125,000 yearly remuneration was even highlighted. He has a career in business, writing, and television.

Year Estimated Net Worth
2022 $20 Million

As of September 4, 2022, ZipRecruiter reports that the average yearly wage for a home builder in Alabama is $57,320. Holt, however, might profit more from his work than the typical person would.

In addition, Alabama’s average compensation for authors is about $25.68 per hour, while its average pay for news anchors is about $76,723. According to all the sources, the entrepreneur makes a sizable sum of money from his line of work.

Martell Holt presented the wine’s promotion in a chic manner.

He currently made an appearance in the most recent episode of Love & Marriage Huntsville, which aired at 7 p.m. CST/8 p.m. ET. The Instagram user with influence was live.

Prices for Martell Holt books

  • Maliah Holt and Martell Holt, Jr. wrote Plane Ride to Canada. In 2021, To Dee Moon Publishing released the book. The book was close to $9.99.
  • Adventures in Canada, his other book, costs $14.99. Along with Canadians Maliah, Martell II, and Mariah, the book participates in the adventure.
  • CookBook offered advice on wholesome food along with 180 delectable and nutritious recipes. It had a $39.99 price tag. The book included recipes for Low Carb, Ketogenic, Mediterranean, Vegan, and Vegetarian diets.
  • Double E-Book was $66.99. Two training e-books presented concepts for fat loss and muscle gain. The book’s topics included nutrition, the advantages of exercise, an explanation of personalised training plans, and more.
    Holding the magnificent dinner wine, Inest, is Martell Holt. It bears his grandmother’s name.

Plane Ride to Canada is the least priced book in his catalogue, while Double E-Book, a book about muscle training, is the most expensive. After succeeding as a reality television star, the author wrote a book, which helped him become a published author.

Holt entered the media world sparingly and rapidly established a lucrative career in real estate. Additionally, he was enthralled by the real estate industry and finished his real estate studies in 2006. He was a real estate member of the National School.

Martell Holt, Sheree Whitfield’s new partner

Martell Holt’s girlfriend is The Real Housewives of Atlanta actor Whitfield, who also appears in Love & Marriage: Huntsville. Sheree confirmed their connection after dating rumours started to circulate. Since she and Tyrone Gilliams parted ways, this is her first romantic involvement.

Whitfield, a cast member of The Real Housewives of Atlanta, is 52 years old. On January 2, 1970, she was born in Shaker Heights, Ohio, in the United States. She seems to stand 1.65 metres tall. She was wed to Bob Whitfield in 2000 before Holt. However, the pair parted ways in 2007.

Kairo Whitfield, Tierra Fuller, and Kaleigh Whitfield are three of Whitfield’s children from a prior relationship.

Sheree Whitfield, a member of the RHOA, revealed her relationship with Martell Holt.

Martell Holt and Sheree Whitfield’s First Meeting was discussed

Whitfield talked about how she first met Martell in Sandy Springs, Georgia, thanks to a well-known acquaintance. During the visit, Holt even got to meet her relatives. They made the crucial introduction and initially connected as friends, according to Whitfield. Recently, they were hanging out and enjoying their lives.

On July 17, Sheree Whitfield and Martell Holt were first seen

After Martell and Whitfield appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen, many predicted their relationship. Bravo Hancho, a member of the audience, questioned her about her romantic life.

Whitfield admitted that she was only dating informally and that she was simply getting to know someone. Following that, YouTube blogger Empress Radio posted a picture of the couple online. In Georgia, the couple was seen having a great time together.

TV personality Martell Holt’s new girlfriend is Sheree Whitfield.

People assumed Whitfield and Holt were on a double date because they were seen with Fletcher and his companion. The duo was seen holding hands in a youtube video as they made their way to a public lavatory.

Martell Holt Numerous Companies

Holt works as a builder of homes, a businessman, and a television personality. The television personality began his career at Sparkman Middle School as a teacher and coach, according to his LinkedIn profile. He worked in the institution from 2008 to 2010 for two years.

In Huntsville, Alabama, Holt established Holt & Holt Entrepreneurship, LLC in 2009 and took over as its CEO. He served for almost 14 years and continues to work in the same industry.

Holt acquired ownership of Holt Custom Homes in 2016. His company helps clients get around the home-building process. Customers receive individualised service from them.

They ensure that clients are capable of making thoughtful, informed decisions about their house ownership by analysing the consideration of location preferences and budget for many factors like design and closing detail. In addition, Holt exhibits interest in a variety of industries, including Forbes, The Wall Street Journal, Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, Huntsville/ Madison County Chamber of Commerce, and more.

Melody Shari, ex-wife of Martell Holt

Holt’s ex-wife is Melody. Despite having a lucrative career, Holt struggled in his marriage after five years of relationships with many women.

On March 20, 2021, Holt and Melody divorced after 14 years of marriage. A judge in Alabama granted the couple’s divorce in 2020 on the grounds of irreconcilable differences. The couple were married in 2008 after becoming engaged in 2007. Together, the partners have four kids.

The motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and star of Love & Marriage: Huntsville is Melody. She is well recognised for her roles in Love & Marriage: Huntsville, Nosy Nora, and Dollhouse.

In addition to Pot Calling The Kettle Blaque, No Holding Back, Wrecking Ball Wanda, Softball Hard Shade, A Date With Destiny, BDE Big Depression Energy, I Now Pronounce You Depressed, The Transparent Trap, Trouble in Paradise, and others, Melody created 31 episodes of Love & Marriage: Huntsville.

Dollhouse is where Melody presently shines as Melonie and Nosy Nora as Ms. Coco. Her two films are now in pre-production. In 2020, she debuted as Jonnetta Patton in the television series Behind Every Man.

Melody is a recording artist, producer, model, and actress. Seventh Avenue Skin is a website that she founded. The actress has 500k followers on Instagram and uses the pseudonym @melodysholt. The model opened the first show for New York Fashion Week, and she and fashion designer Stephen Goudeau will present the second show.

Martell Holt

Family of Martell Holt

To his family, Holt was born on January 4, 1982. Currently 40 years old, the author. It’s possible that the author is of African American ancestry.

S.R. Bulter High School was where he finished his education. Later, he enrolled at Alabama Agricultural and Mechanical University, where he earned his bachelor’s in education. The writer was born and raised in Huntsville, Alabama. Holt is a social influencer who rose to fame after joining Love & Marriage: Huntsville as a producer. The author is the sole parent of his five kids. The influencer’s children are Malani, Maliah Selene, Mariah, Martell, and Malani.

Holt appeared frequently on the social media site with his children. He recently uploaded a video of him playing with his son. On August 8, he brought his kids along to watch the Rocket City Trash Pandas play. Perhaps having a strong team representing Huntsville/Madison, Alabama, made the author feel good. Holt’s two children and one son attended school together on August 2.

Curry defeats Whitfield and Holt

Curry criticised her ex-boyfriend on Instagram for supposedly continuing their relationship while she was seeing Whitfield. When mentioning that Holt has been barred from contacting her, she revealed an email exchange between the two. She also regrets having a connection with Holt when he was still legally wed to Melody Shari.

I pray none of your three daughters ever meet a man like you! I’ve been using you, and you’ve been using me! You still don’t comprehend it, and it breaks my heart for you! You had the option to let things go and move on, but instead you lied about it! Stop blaming me for everything! I remained faithful to you, but you went and got an old b—h. Good luck! She stated on her Instagram stories, “Still a narcissist manipulator trying to make this my fault.

Frequently Asked Questions About Martell Holt

How Old is Martell Holt?

Martell Holt is 40 years old.

How Many Children Does Martell Holt Have?

Martell Holt has four children with his ex-wife Melody Shari. 

Martell Holt Instagram

Holt is active on Instagram under the handle @martellholt and obtained 346k followers.

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