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It seems like every day comes news that another big fashion house is expanding into beauty. Valentino and Carolina Herrera are relative newcomers. While Marc Jacobs, Giorgio Armani and Tom Ford have been in the game for a while now. With all these labels jumping on the bandwagon, how do you know which ones are worth your money? (Designer brands often come with designer prices, after all.) So we went ahead and rounded up the best products from top designer beauty brands.

Whether you’re looking for skin care or makeup, there’s lots to choose from. On the fragrance front, Tom Ford really reigns supreme. The aromas are complex and pretty unique. Just what we expect from our go-to scents. Buying Armani Beauty’s beloved foundation is a no-brainer. And Valentino Beauty’s primer and highlighter combo serves as a great base. Gucci has got your eyebrows covered, while Victoria Beckham Beauty’s eyeliner is made for smoky eyes. More mascara-minded? Look no further than YSL Beauty’s voluminous formula.

Now let’s talk skin care. Chanel’s new sustainable line offers an easy-to-use serum in mist form. Dior’s ultra rich moisturizer is a must-have for anyone with parched skin.

Scroll down to discover the best products designer beauty brands have to offer.

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